cable routing management

Cable routing and protection

Cabling at times is challenging especially when working in conditions or areas where your data cable needs protection from external factors such as Weather, warehouse environment and more. You need to make sure the cable that you are installing are fully secured and protected from the external conditions. Cable management is critical and here are some of the important Cable routing and protection products that you can use to reduce the risk of breakdown. Cable routing plays an important role in the implementation and deployment of  Structured Cabling.

Cable Conduits: Cable conduits are used to prevent cable damage externally. You can either use an EMT or Flexible Conduit to protect the cable. The common Network cable conduits include:

  • Flexible Steel Conduit
  • Flexible Raceways
  • Liquid-Tight Metallic UA Conduit
  • EMT Conduit

Cable tray systems: Cable tray systems are the perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables overhead or under-floor. These trays not only protect large amount of cables but also help you route cables.  These trays cleanly and efficiently route and manage copper data cables, fiber optic network cables, and power cables within data centers, server rooms and other buildings.Some of the trays are listed below:

  • Solid PVC Cable Routing Systems
  • Basket-Style Cable Trays
  • Snake Trays

Cable Raceways: Cable raceways are required when you want to hide cables on the floor or on the ceiling or don’t want people to trip over these cables. To avoid these safety hazards, Cable raceways are used extensively in offices, schools, colleges, warehouses and more. Cable raceway products provide maximum flexibility for routing, protecting, and safety of the Data, Phone, electrical or Fiber optic cables avoiding unauthorized access.