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Cat6A or Category 6A cable is advanced or upgraded version of Cat6 Cable and is getting a lot of attention from IT professional because of their high data trasfer rate. The Cat6a Cable doubles data transmission bandwidth, from 250 to 500 MHz and is capable of transferring data @ 10 Gbps over 100 meters (330 feet) of cable as compared to 10 Gbps over 33-55 meters (110-165 feet) of Cat6 cable. CAT-6A has additional and tighter twists, with additional insulation to reduce cross talk.CAT-6A is also backwards compatible with CAT-6 and CAT-5e.

Usage of Cat6 A Cables:

Because of it’s speed, Cat6a is fast becoming the choice of companies looking to expand their data transfer capabilities.

Top Reasons for Cat6A Installation in the building:

  • Recommended for Healthcare networks
  • Recommended for Education networks
  • Supports 10GBASE-T to 100m
  • 10GBASE-T price/performance
  • Robust PoE Support
  • Ideal for next generation IBW systems
  • Supports new WiFi > 1 Gb/s
  • Unshielded and Shielded options
  • Backward compatibility and RJ-45
  • Supports current and emerging applications

Cat6a Cabling

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