Access Control Readers

We supply and install all major brands of Access Control Readers from 1 User to over 300 users. 

Biometric Scanners

We secure your workplace and home with Biometric Scanners for foolproof security. Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based several factors including face, fingerprints, iris or voice, and we help your business to adopt any of the above measures to secure your business and premise. With Biometric scanning, you are assured that your security is never compromised as Biometric identification cannot be reverse-engineered. Get in touch with our sales team to understand how we can adopt this technology to secure your business. 

Access Control Cards

We supply and configure all type of Cards including Clamshell cards, Key Fob credential, ISO card for printing and more. With Secure Access Cards, you can Control access to highly secure areas by providing a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors. Our selection of Access Control cards includes proximity tags, contactless smart keys, and printed PVC cards with embedded contactless proximity chips.

Access Control Panels

We supply and configure Access Control Panels such as Exit Device Controller, IP Hardwired Controller, and multicomm controller panels


Access Control Installation Services Toronto

Cablify is your # 1 source for Door Access Control services and products. We understand how important is security for your business and we make sure you are completely covered with a great range Access Control Solutions that we offer. From Biometric Scanners to CCTV to Coded locks, we do everything for all types and sizes of Businesses in Toronto and the GTA.

The advantages of door access control systems are numerous over the traditional lock and keys. Apart from the fact that it is easy to break into a house/building under lock and key, the cost of replacing locks and keys almost annually is gruesome. With door access control system, you have the peace of mind that your home or business is safe and there is no need to replace these systems annually, so door access control systems may cost more to install than lock and key at first, in the long run, it is economical.

In access control systems, users are required to present credentials which can include a physical credential such as a Card, key fob, fingerprint, eye scan before they can be granted access.  We at Cablify, specializes in the consultation, design, installation and maintenance of business security surveillance systems, card access control systems and CCTV surveillance systems in Toronto and surrounding locations including Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Cambridge, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Kitchener, London, Hamilton and Niagara region.


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Customized Access Control Solutions

The access control system that we configure and install for our customers is specifically designed to address a client’s particular security concern. Whether you are a small business or large size business with multiple employees, Cablify Access Control Solutions make sure your business gets the customized protection necessary for today’s security needs.

Access Control

Bio-metric Scanner Installation

We install and configure all type of Biometric scanners. Installing biometric scanners is a popular security solution for businesses of all sizes. Biometric scanners use unique physiological characteristics, such as fingerprints, iris patterns, or facial recognition, to identify and authenticate individuals who are attempting to access secure areas or information.

Biometric scanners also offer a convenient alternative to traditional security measures, such as keycards or passwords, which can be lost, stolen, or easily hacked. By installing biometric scanners, businesses can better safeguard their assets, ensure the safety of their employees, and streamline their operations.

Access Control

Card Readers

Door access control is a security measure that restricts access to a building or facility to authorized personnel only. This is typically achieved through the use of card readers, which require individuals to swipe or tap a security card or fob to gain entry.

Configuring card readers is an important part of setting up a door access control system. This involves programming the card readers to recognize the security credentials of authorized personnel and to grant or deny access based on those credentials.

Door access control and card reader configuration are essential components of any modern security system, and are critical to ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets within a facility.

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