Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

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Access Control

Why Access Control Systems for Business?

Security concerns are mounting every day because crime is on the rise. Business owners have a lot to lose with compromised security which is why the installation of alarm and control systems is so necessary.

Security personnel in the form of private security guards can do a lot to deter break-ins and trespassing but they can’t be everywhere at the same time. Guard dogs, while very helpful, need to be trained and the cost of doing so is high which is why they aren’t suitable for small businesses. Access control systems when used in tandem with other security systems, can greatly reduce chances of unauthorized entry and theft.

The locking mechanisms of access control systems are varied and can provide high levels of security. Biometrics is an example, frequently used by large companies or government facilities to restrict access.

  • Biometric access control systems
  • Retina readers
  • Smart Readers
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Access control card readers,
  • smart cards or swipe cards
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Installation of Biometric Readers

Card readers

Card readers read information contained in integrated circuits. These smart cards are used in a range of applications, most notably as credit cards, ATM cards, SIM cards, and in access control. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, a smart card’s information cannot be easily read, modified or deleted. The integrated circuit is tough to gain access to unless it’s subjected to physical disassembly. Even so, not all of the information may be procured as physically disassembling it means inflicting some damage to the chip.

Keyless locks

Keypads in lieu of keyed locks can provide more security for the simple reason that they operate using a programmable code. Only those individuals who are allowed access are given the codes to lock and unlock doors. There’s no replication of keys and no lock to break.

Since keyless locks rely on electricity, a power failure can render them useless. In such times, alternative exits or methods of exit must be in place. Backup power must also be available to prevent users from being locked in or out.

Biometric locks

Unlike other locking mechanisms, biometric locks read a person’s traits in order to function. Fingerprint scanners and retina scanners are examples. Expensive yet effective, they’re typically used in government facilities or high-profile companies that handle sensitive data.

Despite its highly effective operation, there are issues about privacy that many feel is not worth the effort of utilizing biometrics in access control. However, the other side of the coin feels that it offers the only near-foolproof solution to increasing security. Whichever way you look at it, there’s no denying how effective it can be in today’s crime-ridden world if privacy concerns can be laid to rest.

Electronic gates

Though not as widely used as keyless lock, electronic or automated gated nevertheless enjoy huge popularity in niche markets. Often a standard fixture in large estates and mansions, they’re designed to electronically open and close without need for manual operation.

The access control locks given here illustrate the options available to businesses to increase security. Multiple or all systems may be used together in cases where security levels must be foolproof. In addition, the use of security personnel, guard dogs, motion sensors and alarm systems may be necessary.

However, you choose to go about it, access control systems need to be purchased from and installed only by licensed, reputed security system dealers who follow the latest technology.

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