Fiber Optic Terminations


We do all types of Fiber optic Terminations and OTDR testing. Whether multi-mode fiber or single mode, outdoor or indoor, we have experience with a number of sites all across the GTA.

Fiber terminations

Contact us for complete Fiber optic installation and termination solutions. We install, maintain and test Fibre Optic Cable telecommunication cables across networks. We ensure that all work is completed in a safe environment within a timely and professional manner.

  • Fiber Splicing and Termination
  • Supply and Installation of Fiber Optic Cables
  • Cat 5/6/6A Cable installation
  • Capture the results; analyze and identify issues
  • Fluke testing for copper and fiber installations
  • Testing & commissioning of Fibre Optic Cable
  • OTDR Testing
  • Single mode and Multimode Fiber Installation
  • OM5, OM4, OM3, OM2, OM1 and OS2 Fiber
  • Install indoor/outdoor fiber optic cable
  • Supply Fiber Optic Panels, Enclosures, connectors, cable assemblies and more

Fiber OTDR Testing

Fusion Splicing

Emergency Fiber Repair


We are your number one destination for Fiber Cabling installation and termination by our team of highly experienced Fiber techs in the Toronto area. We help you in all stages of Fiber Cabling deployment right from estimating the type of Fiber required to design and finally maintenance.

Fiber System Design

Before you go with a Fiber installation, you need to establish with the end user or network owner where the network will be built and what communications signals it will carry. This is the phase Network Design and is very critical as rest of Cabling design and installation depends. We verify and help you identify the types of equipment required for the communications systems, the speed of the network and the distances to be covered before considering anything related to the cable plant. This process helps us determine if fiber is necessary or preferable and what type of fiber is required.

Choosing Transmission Equipment

The next process is choosing the right transmission equipment. This includes choosing the correct fiber media and related components. We help you choose the type of media such as Multimode or Single mode or even if Copper is required. Designing long distance or outside plant applications would require singlemode (SM) fiber cabling while all other premises networks generally operate over multimode fiber. Multimode systems are less expensive than singlemode systems because the large core of multimode fiber allows the use of cheaper LED or VCSEL sources in transmitters, making the electronics much cheaper. Splicing and termination are the final category of components to be chosen.

Planning for the Fiber install

Final planning for the installation is a critical phase of any project as it involves careful deployment before the cutoff. We make sure the Fiber is neatly installed and does not block anything or is properly secured. We make sure the Fiber is run straight without any bends or blocks and is not affected by any movement. Our Fiber Installation is fully guaranteed for any type of issue related to our workmanship.

Fiber Optic Testing and Certification:

To ensure that your fiber optic network performs at optimal levels, we use the latest testing equipment to certify its performance. Our certified technicians will perform a thorough analysis of your network, including insertion loss, return loss, and optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) testing, and provide you with a detailed report of the results. This information can help you identify any potential issues before they become bigger problems, and allow you to make informed decisions about any upgrades or changes to your network.

Fiber Installation and Splicing services

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