Door access control

Access Control System Fundamentals

A war torn country can do little to secure individuals within its boarders but even in a country living in peace and harmony, security takes the lead in everything that is done. War and peace has a thin line separating them, and that is security. This is the sole reason why almost every country of the world have several military and para-military institutions to secure  borders from within and without.

On a personal note, individuals need security as well. For goods and valuables, money and properties, family life and  health. Security is everything everywhere. we all need to understand the fact that we can sleep in peace at night in our homes simply because someone somewhere is not sleeping for our sake. Not all humans are sane, right thinking, well behaved and as such, you can always expect things to go wrong anywhere, anytime.

The government have always played and still playing their part in ensuring that the borders of our countries stay safe from inside and outside for us citizens. They have gone to the extent of securing our neighborhoods  by police  day in day, but then as individuals, we still add a layer of security to be sure we are safe. For the rich and famous, they have armed guards or body guards follow them around as an extra layer of security, but even with these, they  still have the urge to add more protective layers to their security life.

Access Control

why access control system

Access control is put in place to consciously place a selective  restriction on the entering, consumption or use of a resource or a place for a time or for all times. To gain access to such resource or place, one will be required to have a clearance or authorization.  Access control systems are the components (usually electronic) put in place to secure the resource or location where access is to restricted.  The access control point is usually a door or a gate but can be any of turnstile, any physical barrier or even an  elevator.

Door Access Control System

Since  doors are the most common, I will dwell more on door access control. Electronic doors form the most basic form of door access control system and they always have an electronic lock the requires an operator to access before a user can follow suit but nowadays , operators of electronic doors have been replaced by readers. Users will be authorized to gain access by using a card (built in with codes)  or may need to input codes on a keypad to gain entry.

Other than private homes, organizations and corporations require high level of security especially when handling sensitive data or bio chemical or hazardous  scientific experiments. Even when companies are developing new ideas, they love to secure such idea behind a sound door access control system. These giants makes use of Bio-metric door access control systems, FRFID door access control systems and sometime the card reader door access control systems.

 More sophisticated technology is also in use nowadays where you have to scan your retina (Retina scanner door access control system)or use speech control to gain entry through a door (Voice controlled door access control system). The pin code entered on the keypad reader or a card raeder or retina scanner or RFID is usually sent over to a door access control panel for verification against the access list after which the door gets unlocked for user to gain access.

Because of its high security level and access control standards, door access control systems are used  by banks, schools, government, religious services, religious buildings, life sciences, financial institutions, scientific laboratories, deposit homes, retail shops, utilities, military, police, academies, private homes and a host of others.  Door access control systems increases peace of mind and boosts security .

The advantage of Door Access Control System

The advantages of door access control systems are numerous over the traditional lock and keys. Apart from the fact that it is easy to break into a house/building under lock and key, the cost of replacing locks and keys almost annually is gruesome. With door access control system, you have the peace of mind that your home or business is safe and there is no need to replace these systems annually, so door access control systems may cost more to install than lock and key at first, in the long run, it is economical.

With door access control system and CCTV, a business or private individual can have utmost control over the work place or home. A business outfit can set time for employees resumption at office and track who comes in early and who comes in late. Rooms or offices can also be restricted to only top managers or specific employee(s) with door access control system in place. When to receive customers or clients into the office can be set as free entry that requires no authorization to gain access into the company  but at close of work, door access control systems will be set to require authorization from anyone trying to make entry into the building. With this, there is no need to warn people business is closed as non-employees will be screened and locked out of the business hall or office.

The same goes for private homes where you can limit visitor access to only public areas of the house. To gain access to private areas of the house, visitors will either be accompanied by the home owner or family with key-card/ authorized retina scan/authorized bio-metric or RFID as the case maybe. To get into the main house when the owners of a home are out will be impossible with door access control system because intruders will need to scale through several security measure which may have intruder alarms upon detection.

Often times, companies and public figures spend so much on private security because of the fear of theft, burglar or intrusion. But with door access control systems., such money can be spent on some other useful things as business spend less on security when they install door access control systems. Confidential information will be safe and secure and the risk and liability of such falling in wrong hands is  eliminated.