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Whether looking to install new Cat6 Cabling or revamp existing cabling, we provide free onsite estimates.

Cat 6 Data Cabling Service for new installations and upgrades

Cat6 Network Cable is the standard today for new installations. Most of the businesses are quickly switching over to Cat6 in place of Cat5e due to it’s speed and better connectivity. Cat6 Cable is used for Gigabit Ethernet and other future high-speed transmission rates.

Network Cabling

We carry and install all major brands of Cat6 Cable including Belden, Panduit, General Cable, Corning, Commscope and Hubbell. We believe in providing superior quality branded Cat6 Cables which is guaranteed to perform your expectations. Our Cabling comes with a standard 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee for 100% satisfaction and peace of mind. As one of the leading network installers across Canada and Toronto area, in particular, our clients love our work as we have an excellent reputation developed over the years in the cabling industry making sure we always offer consistent quality and the best value for your money.

With the combined experience of several years, we offer network cabling solutions for public & private sectors, NGO’s,  offices and schools & colleges. If you need advice for your new building project, office move or re-cabling, please gives a call. We offer Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 cabling solutions to make room for express Data speeds.

We can help you with the following services:

  • Certified Cat6 Cabling Installers
  • Server room Setup
  • Data Cabinet Installation
  • Cable removal and abatement
  • Cat6 cable terminations
  • Cat6 Patch Panel installation
  • Cost Effective and reliable cabling services
  • On Time and on Budget
  • Expert Cat6 Cable Installers
  • Fiber optic installation and terminations

Why Choose Cat6 Cable

Cat6 cable is the default choice for new installation and upgrades. The cable is an upgraded version of Cat5e which have been the market for over 15 years now. Cat6 cable comes in two versions: Cat6 and Cat6a. Check out our article on Cat 6 or Cat 6 a for new Installations and upgrades?

Cat6 cable is capable of 10 GB bandwidth over a distance of up to 55 meters which is within most data cable runs in the offices and production areas and therefore Cat6 is the best choice for 10 GB output. Installation wise Cat6 is very affordable and slightly expensive than running cat5e. You can use FT6 rated cable for plenum rated locations and FT4 for open locations or non-plenum ceilings.

  • Gigabit Ethernet up to 100 meters
  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet up to 55 meters
  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Bandwidth: 250 MHz
  • Supported by Ethernet networks, including 10BaseT, 100Base-TX, 1000 Base-T and 10 GBase-T.
  • Provides better crosstalk and attenuation protection than Cat5e and previous twisted pair cable versions.

Find out more details on Cat6 Cable Bandwidth, Crosstalk, interferences

We are also a supplier of Bulk Cat6 and Ca6a cable. We carry all major brands of Category 6 Cable and if we offer wholesale price on Bulk purchase. Whether you are planning to resell the cable or need volume cable on wholesale price, give us a call. We offer Free Shipping and great discounts on volume purchase.

  • Bulk Plenum and Riser cat6 and Cat6 A cable
  • Conductor Size: 24 AWG, 23 AWG, 26 AWG and 28 AWG
  • Conductor Type: Solid, Solid Conductor, Stranded
  • Fire Rating type: Low Smoke Zero Halogen, Plenum, Riser, UL type
  • Colour type: Blue, Yellow, Green, Black, white, Grey, Neon Pink etc.
  • Brands: CommScope Systimax, General cable, Leviton, Mohawk, Superior Essex, Panduit, Siemon, Berk-Tek, Nexans etc.

Cat 6 Bulk Cable Canada

Cat6 Bulk Cable Canada

Cat6 Cabling Guide and FAQ's

Why Cat6 Cable is better than Cat5e Cable?

Cat6 is definitely better if you want to future proof your network. Cat6 Cable offer a bandwidth of 10 Gbps over 150 feet while Cat5e offer 1000Mbps over the same distance. Cat 6 has a tighter twist in the cables, which allows for two-way communication on each pair of wires, where Cat 5e does not allow this feature.