Structured Cabling Services

We offer professional Structured Cabling services using latest equipments and tools to make your network a success. Structured Cabling is one of the critical components of Networking no matter no matter if it is a small or large business.

Expericed & leading Structured Cabling Installers in the Toronto area offering unmatched high grade Cabling work, timely project completion and personalized services at competitive prices.

At Cablify, we offer professional Structured Cabling solutions of the highest standard. We work with several IT and networking companies and support their clients for all their data and fiber optic cabling needs.

Structured cabling is a planned cabling system that systematically lays out the cable management necessary for communications, including voice, data, video and control for today and the future.  The structured cabling system starts from the Demarcation point where ISP’s such as Rogers or Bell terminate their services.


Structured cabling installations include the following Subsystem:

  • Entrance facility
  • Vertical and horizontal backbone pathways
  • work area outlets
  • telecommunications closets as know as Micro Data Center
  • cross-connect facilities
  • transition points
  • consolidation points

Horizonal Pathways includes running Conduits, Junction boxes, Drywall rings, Raceway, Cable tray, Pull boxes and more.

We follow prescribed Guidelines for Structured Cabling

  • All locations are well Labeled and documented
  • Each Data or Voice Cable is properly labeled at both ends with the approved labeling standard
  • All cables are tested in both directions
  • All information outlet installation follow ANSI/TIA and BICSI standards.
  • The cabling system conforms to the latest industry standard ANSI/TIA/EIA

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