Why use Fiber Media Converter

We do we use Media Converter? What is the role of Media converter in Network Cabling? Let’s discuss this in details. Systems that require fiber-optic communication can use the network switches that has built in fiber-optic ports. If however your switches do not have the capability for fiber-optic and do not have fiber-optic ports, a media converter will be required to convert copper-based communication to fiber-optic communication. Media converters are therefore popular and inexpensive devices for implementing and optimizing fiber links in all types of networks. Fiber-optic connectivity is required where there is a requirement for higher Internet bandwidth or when the distance between two network exceeds the transmission distance of copper cabling. The media converter acts as a bridge between the copper network and the fibre network and facilitates the data conversion in a cost-effective way. A fiber optic media converter has two interfaces. One interface is the local electronic interface, may it be a RJ45 Ethernet, or RS-232 serial data interface. The other interface is usually a duplex fiber interface with ST, SC, or LC connectors.

There are a wide variety of copper-to-fiber and fiber-to-fiber media converters available that support different network protocols, data rates, cabling and connector types.

True Media Converter:

This type of Media Converter basically converts communications on a bit-by-bit basis. After one bit is received it is transmitted in the other format (copper or fiber-optic). This is in contrast to a switch which receives an entire frame of Ethernet before forwarding can begin.

Non-True Media Converter:

A non-true media converter, or switched media converter, is simply an Ethernet switch that contains one RJ-45 port (copper port) and one fiber-optic port. This media converter will wait for an entire frame to be received before forwarding can begin.

The media converters should always be used in pairs from the same brand the same model.

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