why access control system

Why Access Control is must for your business

Businesses of all types need security not only to protect their valuable property and assets but also to provide a safe working environment for its employees. Many types of business simply cannot afford for unwanted and unknown visitors to enter their premises, through fear of theft or that confidential data might be compromised or abused. Access control systems for a business is a way to enhance security, whilst managing the flow of people and reduce theft. An Access control is, therefore, must for every business. Access control systems effectively control the access of authorized persons to protected zones

without creating unnecessary obstructions. With simple Access Cards or Key fobs, you can easily get rid of heavy rattling keys. Access control can easily manage the access for not only for doors but also for door operators, elevators and car park barriers as well as multi-story car parks and underground car parks. Installation of Access Control must be carried out by skilled personnel in accordance with the relevant standards, regulations and statutory instruments.

  • Protect your employees by allowing on authorized people to your business premises
  • Restrict Unauthorized Access & Reduce Theft
  • Track number of visitors at any point of time
  • Secure not only office doors but also can control elevators, car parking¬†barriers,¬†multi-story car parks and more.
  • provide reporting on employee attendance
  • Eliminate the need to print and photocopy ID cards, as security fobs often hold the individuals’ details electronically.
  • No more hassle of managing and duplicating the keys
  • reduce energy bills and protect the environment

Access control is an important step toward mitigating an organization’s security risks and every sizable business should have it.