Data Center Type

Types of Data Centers

Data centers are Centralized Physical locations that provide shared access to applications and data using complex networking equipment, servers, and storage infrastructure. This Facility is where computing and networking equipment is concentrated.

Here we learn about the different types of Data Centers which can be broadly divided into the following:

  • Enterprise Data Centres
  • Managed Services Data Centres
  • Colocation Data Centres
  • Cloud Data centres
  • Edge Data centers

Enterprise Data Centres: As the name denotes, it’s a private facility built for one client or for the owner. So if you’re a company, and you need to host your data and IT equipment, you could build your own data center and manage it and run it. Enterprise is held by Large Businesses such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft etc.

Managed Data Centers: Managed Data Centers concept is similar to Managed IT services. In these type of Data centers, small or mid tier company rent out Server equipment wherein their data is hosted and managed by Managed Datacenters for a recurring or usage-based fee.

Colocation data centers: In a Colocation data center, what you rent is not just the equipment, you run space inside the data center. So, in a Colocation data center, you rent our white space as well as hardware. Inside this data center, we can divide it using cages or individual racks and rent these spaces to different users. So if you need to use the Colocation Datacenter, you put all your hardware equipment and use it. You however will need to depend on the owner of the data centers to give you the telecom services and the Internet services.

Cloud Data Center: The fourth type is the Cloud Data Center. Cloud storage is very popular and is part of this type of Datacenter. Cloud Data Center is an off-premises data center same as the managed services and the whitespace. Here you rent virtual assets and not actually rent the hardware or the physical space. You can also buy applications, storage or services but no physical assets. A Datacenter will have network and communication equipment to maintain high speed data transfer between data centers and also outside world. Data Centers there needs a highly complex web of Fiber and Network cabling to keep the communication Channels open at all times. Making sure that all the power and data connections are secure and reliable forms the basis of having an efficient and reliable Datacenter. If you are setting up any of the above Data centers, you need highly skilled Structured cabling professionals for Data Centers Cabling.