Patch Cable to Use

We have seen many of the customer request for Patch cables which are as long as 150 feet. All they want is cut a cable from the 1000 feet spool and add plugs on both ends and Voila they think their patch cord is ready for long distances.

This actually is the worst practice of connecting network devices over long distances. A Cat 6 patch cord should not exceed 5 meters and never made out of Straight cable which is used for long distance runs. for a patch cord, make sure the cord is booted. Just in case booted patch cord has a boot protection where the cable joins the plug to provide flexibility and protection. Non-booted patch cable can easily break or a wire may come out disturbing the whole network. The only problem is that boots take up valuable space and can sometimes hard to plug in for some switches. They are also tad expensive as compared to non-booted.