floor cabling

GridRunner® Underfloor Cable Routing System

The trend toward increased server density, more storage equipment and higher capacity switches in today’s data centers, presents unique challenges to those designing and maintaining the physical infrastructure and network cabling. The task is to find the best method of routing and managing the growing number of data and network cabling while ensuring high levels of network performance.

Panduit is known to design innovation Data Cabling equipment and one of their popular product is GridRunner® Underfloor Cable Routing System. The Panduit GridRunner underfloor cable routing system resolves these issues with a solution that integrates seamlessly with the access floors, cabinets, and the mesh. The Panduit Gridrunner underfloor cable routing system is a wire basket pathway designed to route and manage network data and power cabling beneath the raised floor in the data center. This innovative system supports high cable capacities, protects cables from damage to improve network performance and is electrically bonded to facilitate proper grounding improving safety.  Based on an innovative design, GridRunner wire basket sections feature all rounded edges to protect cables from damage and installers from injury.Robust welded construction allows the system to support large densities of cables over the lifetime of the application contributing to a low cost of ownership. Offered in four sizes the system provides the versatility needed to maintain the data centers cable capacities.  supporting over 1200 Cat6 cables, the 21 inch wide by 6-inch deep basket can be used to route high-density cables coming from the main distribution area. 21 inch wide by 4-inch basket sections can be used for branch runs to feed server tablets or lower density switches.The 12 inch wide by 6 inches deep and 12 inches wide by 4-inch deep basket sections can be used to create smaller branch runs or provide a pathway for power equipment.