Common Network Switch or Router Troubleshooting tips

Switch with SFP Slot not Connecting

Many a time when you use SPF slot enabled Switches, you see connection problem. There can be several factors behind the issue including the compatibility problem. For example, some switches cannot link up with other brands switch when they connected by SFP port. You connect the two Switches by a Single-mode or multi-mode fiber and see that the LED lights are lighting on, but there is no data transmitted between them. Here are the possible troubleshooting tips:

Step I: Make sure if the two switches have the same SFP port speed. When switches connected by SFP port, we need to make sure their SFP port has the same speed first. For example, if the speed of one switch’s SFP port is 1000Mbps, the peer switch’s speed also needs to be as 1000Mbps. Without the speed compatibility, you will see problem.

My wireless network is unstable or having intermittent wifi issues:

In most cases, this problem is caused by local environmental factors that affect the wireless signal.

  • Make sure your wireless router is within a fair range. If this is too far, you will definitely see a drop in signals.
  • Ensure that your router is not overcrowded with wireless clients. The more devices are sharing the wireless network, the less bandwidth is available for each device to use. You can try to disconnect some of the devices to improve performance on the wireless network.
  • Change Router Settings: If the issue still persists then you could try changing some wireless settings on the router. You will have to log into the router’s management page.

PoE powered device does not work properly when connected to the PoE Switch

Ensure the PD is a standard device based on IEEE802.3af/at protocol.
Ensure that you have chosen the right and qualified Data Cable (Cat5e or Cat6) and it is plugged into the right port on the PD. Please also note, the length of the Data cable should not exceed  300 feet or 90m.

Make sure, your data cable is not broken or terminated properly.

For some switches, not all of the RJ-45 ports are PoE ports, you can refer to the UG for more information.
Confirm the power supply mode with the PD’s vendor, there may be two situations that cause the problem:

  •  The PD only support Alternative B. Most PoE switches are based on Alternative A. So the PD and PSE cannot cooperate together.
  • 2) The PD support Alternative A, and the line pair 1/2 is passive pole and the line pair 3/6 is the positive pole, as introduced in the last chapter, the PD cannot work either based on using the straight-through cable normally. However, you can use a crossover cable to avoid the problem.