Cat6 Cabling

A Guide to Cat5e vs Cat6 Cabling

Technology plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Everything these days are evolved or invaded or changed or can be adapted via technology. The data capacity has exceeded our lower limits and these days we are required to have faster and powerful connection and network sharing.

Because of growing needs and advancement in the technologies, we are required adopting the changes in the network system to have a reliable and efficient transfer. In a common way, we were using category 5 cables for transmission also renowned as cat5e cable. But with the changing time, there are changing needs. Nokia is replaced by Apple and Samsung and likewise Cat5e is getting replaced with likes of Cat6 and Cat6a Cables in the Network Cabling world. The maximum data can be transmitted with cat5 cable is 1000 MBits/ second. This achievement of transfer rate is obtained while connecting through Ethernet cable.

Cat6 cabling

The transfer rate augmented in the cat6 cable is of 10,000 MBits/ seconds. The basic facts related to cat6 cables are reviewed below

  1. The end of the cat6 cables utilizes the older RJ45 connector as used in the previous cables
  2. The printing along the length of the cable indicates the cat6 cable

With newer methods, we should adopt new techniques and methods for better transfer in just a blink of an eye. This can be easily obtained in your business environment with cat6 cable. With newer cat6 cables you can easily alleviate your headache and can delight in with the faster data rate.

Replacement of Cat6 over Cat5e

With newer and betterment in the technologies, the older ones are replaced due to their short comes and drawbacks. Similar is with the cat5 replaced over cat6 cables.

Double bandwidth availability

Preferring category 6 cable over category 5 will lend you with a leverage advantage of double bandwidth. The data transfer rate is almost 10,000 MBits/ second in the cat6 cable which is quite exceeding the cat5e cable limit. These can easily speed up the business network and hence providing better efficiency.

Be it with the video conferencing or internal communication within the organization, you need to be hassle-free due to the cat6 competitive edges of transferring the data within a fraction of a second.

Assured safety parameters

With category 6 cable, you can be assured with safety margins. This was possible with cat6 over cat5 cables because of its higher bandwidth availability. So you don’t have to worry about upgrading to cat6, just connect the cable and enjoy the safety transferring of data.

 Full proof your business

Category 6 cables won’t let you lag behind the world. With cat6 cabling, your infrastructure is future-proofed to avoid the obsolete. You are now future proof after implementing cat6 cable over your infrastructure as it supports all the newer technologies.

Compatibility over cat5e

If your office environment has an existing network and wondering if your devices would be compatible with cat6 cables, you would be glad to hear yes. The cat6 cables arrive with a backward compatibility which indicates that these cables port or connection can be utilized with the previous Ethernet cabling.

But this might hamper your data transfer rate as the device connected also effects the optimum performance.

Better device handling capability

If you are installing any VoIP devices such as phone system, camera, WiFi, Door access or any other devices, it’s prerequisite to install cat6 cable. This is due to its higher data handling with the capability of handling higher power rate. The cat6 cables have the potential to handle even 100 watt PoE standards.

The other finest reason for installing cat6 cable over cat5 cable is that it replaces the HDMI as the cable arrives with A/V transmission standard.

Great for manufacturing company

There are some project plants required to have sheath cables. This is due to the external climate effecting on the cables. If you have a deep freezer or need a storage unit to store any other products at very low and acute temperature, you will be in need of cables which have the maximum sheath rate which can be obtained with cat6 cables.

These were some exceptional truths of choosing cat6 cable over cat5e cables.

Faster transfer with less interference

Although the transfer rate of cat5 is 1000 MBits/ second, it accompanies with interference. The interference and crosstalks are beaten by cat6 cables. The crosstalk is cut down and can make a better improvement and speed out as compared with cat5 cables.

Proper handling of category 6 cables

The newer is the technology, the higher is its rate. The cat6 cables are costlier, unlike cat5 cables. But they should be handled effectively to increase its lifespan. Sometimes a simple bend can lead the throughput to halve. So we should be cautious and prevent such silly mistakes.

Start with a proper handling of your cat6 cable

  1. A sharp bend or even a kink can reduce the throughput of the cable. As of these consequences, we should take care that the Ethernet cable never bends with a radius less than an inch.
  2. Crushing of the cables can increase the crosstalk and decrease in the throughput. This can be avoided by preventing the Ethernet cables along the floor.
  3. If the connector RJ45 seems too worn or won’t be seen latched at its place, better replace it.
  4. Never hang things over the patch cords. The weight on it may increase the crossover talks and be adding pressure to the cables. This can even bend the cables.

These were some brief description of using category 6 cables in your business premises to enhance the transfer rate with hassle-free management and alleviate the burden of fewer transfer rates.