10 Gig data

Why 10 Gigabit is a standard Today

Gone are times when Internet use to crawl and your web page use to take 10 seconds to load. Everyone needs a faster data transfer be it their Internet or Intranet. As companies grow their networks and support new applications and traffic types, they are increasingly migrating to Gigabit links. With new advancement in Fiber and Copper network cabling, 10 GbE bandwidth is a now a reality.  An increasing number of applications require considerable bandwidth to support the transfer and streaming of large data, video, and audio files. As bandwidth-intensive applications and latency-sensitive traffic types become ubiquitous, so does the need to support and transport them.

Future Proofing the Network

Many companies think ahead of time and want to future proof their network to avoid expensive redoing cabling and therefore prefer 10GbE bandwidth speed. The companies want to make sure they can support emerging technologies and preserve their initial investments.