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Security cameras are a must for each and every home and business. As a business owner, you need to monitor all activities happening around your business along with making sure that your business is fully protected and secure from intrusions and breakdowns. As a homeowner, you need to make sure that your family and valuables are fully secure and protected. A CCTV or a security camera, therefore becomes a necessity. Cablify provides professional Security Camera installation in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Authorized Axis Camera Partner in Toronto Area.

CCTV Installation Toronto

CCTV Installation, Security Camera Installers: As a leading Security Solutions company, we offer the latest technologies in CCTV security systems to homes and businesses throughout the GTA. Latest high-end Ultra HD 4K cameras to nigh vision cameras, we supply and install all types of Security cameras in Toronto.

We sell and install all types of business and residential security cameras in the Toronto area. Our coverage area includes the city of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Burlington, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, Milton, Pickering, Ajax, Kitchener, and Waterloo area. If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team of CCTV installers, you are on the right website.

With the advancements in the security solution industry, there has been an introduction of amazing security gadgets which not only helps you monitor but also intelligently keep track of all the activities.

We are a major reseller of security camera solutions and have tied up with all major distributions to get you the best possible price. Our security cameras are fully warranted and provide you the optimum viewing experience to make your life easier. The fully warranty our work against any defect or workmanship and offer 100% satisfaction for our work. If you’re looking for any kind of security camera installation in your home or your business, contact our experienced team of security solutions. We provide free on-site estimates with no obligation. So simply give us a call if are searching on Google for security camera installation near me.

What are the different types of Security Cameras?

When it comes to security, there is various sophisticated security system camera which should be opted to add extra security to our surveillance system. The camera should be selected according to the need and with respect to its features fitting the best for the environment.

The advancement in the surveillance system has made the video surveillance colorful, full-motion and high-resolution video. The images are of HD quality and the cameras are IP cameras with higher reliability, durability and much more salient features.

Not only can you select the complete setup of a video surveillance system but also can choose the different types and combinations of cameras to deliver an excellent indoor and outdoor view on a luminous day as well in the night. The IP technology cameras can even be remotely monitored, control through smartphones, laptops, tablets or PCs.

Indoor cameras

The indoor cameras tend to offer a wide range of fields covered within the premises. The indoor camera includes the dome camera which is often used for indoor surveillance and security. With 360 degrees coverage, the camera is able to monitor the whole premises all alone. The dome-shaped structure makes it difficult to judge the lens position making it severe for onlookers. The camera has the ability to target a specific point.

The purpose of installing a dome camera is to secure surveillance in retail shops and offices.

Benefits of dome camera

  • Serenity in installation
  • Despoiler protected
  • Infrared capability


Outdoor cameras

The outdoor cameras are designed and constructed to withstand the outer climate and resistance enclosures. The components designed to capture wider exterior scenes and can accommodate the full range of outdoor lightings. The various ranges of outdoor cameras are enlisted below


Bullet camera

The bullet cameras have a long and tapered design. They are widely in outside areas where viewing long distance view is essential. However, the areas such as backyard or storerooms where a long view is essential can accommodate bullet camera for their surveillance. The cameras are likely to be installed in protective cases to be prevented from theft and are weather-resistant.

The bullet camera comes with 80-degree angle viewing and is generally immovable.  The camera is suitable for the security of outdoor and can secure up to 40 ft.

Benefits of installing bullet camera

  • Compact in size and ease of installation
  • High resolution of images
  • Highly adaptable to the surrounding- Indoor or Outdoor


C-Mount Camera

The C-mount camera uses motile lenses and can utilize various varifocal lenses where the zoom-in facility is essential.  The camera is used for recording videos up to 35 ft. recording beyond 35 ft can be done through particular lenses where fine tuning of the focal distance and angle can be achieved.

Features of C-mount camera

  • Can adhere any changes with the technology
  • Acts as a deterrent due to its bulky size


Day/ Night camera

24X7 surveillance systems require day/ night camera to record the videos. They do not require an additional infrared illuminator as the camera has a built-in extra-sensitive imagining chip to be utilized in the night or in darker areas.

Benefits associated with Day/ Night camera

  • Capable of Infrared
  • Can record the videos in color as well in black & white
  • Available in a variety of ranges.


Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera or adjustable camera

The adjustable camera utilizes the sheer control, coverage and other features. The fitted motor-driven actuators help in programming the camera to capture wider ranges of video by moving it automatically.

The pan-tilt camera can be easily panned, tilted and can be zoomed. The PTZ cameras are utilized in areas comprising of sophisticated surroundings with valuable objects. The PTZ camera can be conveniently programmed or can be controlled manually to follow the accurateness of the things. The PTZ cameras are installed in areas which are highly sensitive zone requiring live monitoring.

Highlights of PTZ camera

  • Smart tracking benefits
  • Can deliver pan and tilt videos
  • Extremely powerful in zooming and in autofocus


HD CCTV camera

The HD cameras are installed that can record high frame rates and in HD quality. The camera can capture the finest details while recording and arrives with a zooming option without losing the quality of the image. The HD CCTV cameras are installed in areas like casinos or banks where a higher cash transaction is accounted for. With the convenience of HD CCTV Camera, the casino managers can keep a watchful eye on the players through the camera.


Motion detector Camera

The motion detector camera is a combination of a motion detector with a camera, which can easily account for even a minute activity switching. The motion detector camera not only saves the countless space of DVR storage but also plus its security system through alerting when any suspicious things are sensed.

Wireless camera

The cameras these days are wireless providing each need for the surveillance of the organization. The wireless technology enables us to add a surveillance system in the areas where wiring is a heinous task. The wireless technology cameras include indoor, outdoor, fixed, motion detector or adjustable and much more. With this wireless technology, you can easily secure your areas without the blunders of wiring.

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