RF Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless Site Surveys for Warehouse and Office

Wireless Network Site Survey is an important precursor to a stable network. At Cablify Cabling, we do all types of Wireless Site Surveys to evaluate Wireless signals for businesses. Whether you are having wifi problem in the Warehouse or your office or you need to evenly place Access Points, we can help you. We do both predictive and on-site surveys to help you estimate the wireless coverage in your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

  • Access Point Installation
  • Site Survey and Planning
  • Plan and create Wi-Fi networks
  • Find RF interference sources
  • Heat map to displays RF coverage for all ‘in-scope’ areas
  • Active or passive survey
  • Wi-Fi site surveys in warehouse facilities

A proper site assessment helps to calculate the number of wireless access points to be installed in the facility. It also helps to detect dead spots or physical interferences that may present at some locations that may make the wireless network inoperable. You need Enough Access points to cover each area also make sure the AP’s are not overlapping each other and causing interference or disturbances.

We use professional-grade wireless network tools for site surveys to ensure a successful seamless wireless implementation. We help you design and deploy indoor & outdoor wireless LAN network (802.11n/a/b/g/ac) correctly using our professional WiFI Site surveys and help you avoid costly rework & IT network issues.

Why do you need Wifi Survey?

We hear a lot of times from the IT Managers complain about poor Wifi Connectivity. A Wireless or Wifi Site surveys help you assess WiFi performance and work out where the signal can be improved for better and stable connectivity. This further ensures that the network is capable of not only covering all physical areas to an acceptable level but crucially the amount of AP’s needed to cope with the amount of wireless clients. A wireless site survey helps determine the most suitable locations where the WiFi access points can be installed. This helps avoid interference and avoid overlap coverage from other APs. A proper  survey calculates the ideal quantity, placement and configuration of APs for a successful WLAN deployment.

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Challenges for Wifi

Here are some of the most common problems or Challenges for Wifi in Commercial Buildings

  • Too less or too many Wireless Access Points
  • Metal or Concrete
  • Improper Antenna
  • Ceiling Height
  • Coverage for Large Areas
  • Poor Network connectivity
  • Moisture or dust environment
  • Outdated Hardware equipment

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RF Wireless Site Surveys