Project Description

Client Background:

A mid-sized technology company with a modern office space spread over two floors was experiencing inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage, resulting in frequent connectivity issues and decreased productivity. The office housed over 100 employees, with multiple conference rooms, open workspaces, and private offices.


Inconsistent Coverage: Several dead zones where Wi-Fi signal was weak or nonexistent.
Interference: Multiple sources of interference from neighboring offices and electronic devices.
High Device Density: Over 200 devices connecting to the network simultaneously, leading to congestion.
Future Expansion: Need for a scalable solution to accommodate future growth and technological advancements.


Cablify conducted a comprehensive Wi-Fi survey to identify and address the issues. The following steps were taken:

Initial Assessment:

Conducted interviews with IT staff and employees to understand usage patterns and specific problem areas.
Reviewed existing network infrastructure and layout of the office space.

Site Survey:

Utilized advanced tools such as Ekahau to perform a detailed Wi-Fi site survey.
Measured signal strength, interference levels, and data throughput across various locations in the office.

Analysis and Planning:

Analyzed the survey data to pinpoint dead zones, areas of high interference, and bottlenecks.
Developed a heat map to visualize Wi-Fi coverage and identify optimal access point (AP) placements.


Installed additional access points in strategic locations to eliminate dead zones and ensure even coverage.
Configured APs to operate on non-overlapping channels to reduce interference.
Upgraded the network infrastructure to support higher data rates and increased device density.


Fine-tuned AP settings based on real-time performance data.
Implemented quality of service (QoS) policies to prioritize critical applications and manage bandwidth effectively.


Conducted a post-implementation survey to verify improved coverage and performance.
Gathered feedback from employees to ensure satisfaction with the new setup.


Improved Coverage: Eliminated dead zones, ensuring consistent Wi-Fi coverage throughout the office.
Enhanced Performance: Significant reduction in connectivity issues and improved data throughput.
Increased Productivity: Employees experienced fewer disruptions, leading to higher productivity and satisfaction.
Scalability: The network was designed to accommodate future growth and emerging technologies.

Client Feedback:

The client expressed high satisfaction with the improved Wi-Fi performance. They noted the professionalism and expertise of the Cablify team in addressing their specific needs and delivering a scalable solution.

Project Details

Client:A technology Company