Single Mode Fiber Installation

Cablify is a leading installer of single mode fiber-optic cabling for all types of businesses. Single mode fiber provides a higher rate of transmission and covers up to 50 time more distance than multimode fibers and therefore an ideal choice for connectivity over longer distances and also a high-bandwidth requirement. As far as the structure is concerned, single mode fibers have a small core size less than 10 ┬Ám that permits only one single ray of light. There is a little light reflection created when light passes through the single-mode fiber-optic cable resulting in lower fiber attenuation and thus creates the ability to transmit the signal over longer distances.

We have an experienced team of single-mode fiber-optic cable installers. We also supply all type of fiber-optic cabling infrastructure including fiber-optic cable assemblies, indoor fiber-optic cable, outdoor fiber-optic cables, fiber-optic enclosures and more.

If you are looking to install single-mode fiber-optic cable in your premises or warehouse, please contact us and we can offer you free estimates for all type of single-mode fibers installation, termination and splicing.

We carry all major brands of single fibre optic cable included Panduit, Belden, Corning, Commscope Systimax Solutions, Compulink, Leviton, 3M and more.

Our extensive range of fiber-optic cable products includes the following

  • fiber-optic cable assemblies
  • fiber-optic panels
  • fiber-optic spices
  • fiber-optic connectors
  • fiber-optic adapters enclosures
  • fiber-optic inserts
  • OTDR Testing

Our team of certified fiber-optic specialist are well-versed with all types of network environments and can assist you for all types of requirements including fiber-optic net design, estimation and project scoping.

We cover all major cities in and around the Toronto area including Barrie, London, Vaughan, Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Kingston, Kitchener, Waterloo, Niagara, Sarnia and more. Call us at 647-846-1925 to schedule a free on-site visit and estimates.