Data Cabling for New Installations

We specialize in New Installation data cabling services. Whether you are moving to new office or needs new Cabling at your warehouse, we have years of expertise to manage and design your Network Cabling requirements. For most new installations, we recommend using 300 feet max lengths of Category 6 twisted-pair Network cabling in the workgroup, with fiber-optic cabling for long backbone connections.

Scissor lift and booms Lifts for Larger facilities:

We have access to all types of Scissor and boom lifts to run Cables in manufacturing plants, warehouses and offices. For areas where long backbones are in place, we can run and install fiber-optic cabling. Fiber Cabling is an optimum choice for long cable runs and offers excellent speed, security and noise immunity. It is the only cable type we recommend for cable runs outdoors between buildings. For short backbones in a wiring closet, such as the connections between stackable network components in racks, we use Stacking Cable (included with each Switching Hub) which is inexpensive, effective, and reliable.

Future expansions: 

While installing network Cabling, we always make sure there is enough room for future expansion. Running Cable can be expensive and therefore whenever you pull new cable into the walls, floors, and ceilings of your buildings, it is much less expensive to pull additional cables now than to come back a few months or a year later and pull new cable again. We always help our customers to plan for the future capacity.