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Cablify is an authorized reseller of Ubiquiti network equipment. We provide with all kind of services including supply, installation and configuration of Ubiquiti devices. Ubiquiti is known for high qualify power network devices suitable for all types of businesses. Ubiquiti manufactures wireless data communication products for enterprise and wireless broadband providers. We supply the following:

  • Ubiquiti Access Points
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • Cameras
  • Radio antennas
  • CPE
  • airMax AP’s
  • NVR

Featured Ubiquiti Products we sell includes the following:

Access Control

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LR

2.40 GHz, 5 GHz – 1 x Antenna(s) – 1 x Internal Antenna(s) – MIMO Technology – 1 x Network (RJ-45) – Wall Mountable, Ceiling Mountable
The UniFi AC Lite AP delivers 5x the performance of the first-generation UniFi AP while still maintaining Ubiquiti’s disruptive pricing strategy.

Wireless LAN Standard:   IEEE 802.11ac
Frequency Band:   2.40 GHz
Frequency Band:   5 GHz
Total Number of Antennas:   1
Number of Internal Antennas:   1
Wireless Transmission Speed:   867 Mbit/s
MIMO Technology:   Yes

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP IEEE 802.11n 300 Mbit/s Wireless Access Point

2.40 GHz – 400.3 ft Maximum Indoor Range – 1 x Network (RJ-45) – Wall Mountable, Ceiling Mountable
Wireless LAN Standard:   IEEE 802.11n
Frequency Band:   2.40 GHz
ISM Band:   Yes
UNII Band:   No
ISM Maximum Frequency:   2.40 GHz
Indoor Antenna Range:   400.3 ft
Wireless Transmission Speed:   300 Mbit/s
Wireless Security: 

  • WEP
  • WPA2
  • AES
  • IEEE 802.11i

Features:   MIMO Technology
Features:   Quality of Service (QoS)

Ubiquiti airFiber AF-5X 500 Mbit/s Wireless Access Point

5.93 GHz – 1 x Antenna(s) – 1 x External Antenna(s) – MIMO Technology – PoE Ports – Pole-mountable
The airFiber AF-5X is designed for long-range, Point-to-Point (PtP) backhaul links. It features the highest TDD throughput available and proprietary HDD for ultra-low latency.

Manufacturer:   Ubiquiti Networks, Inc
Product Line:   airFiber
Product Model:   AF-5X
Product Name:   airFiber 5 GHz Carrier Backhaul Radio

Frequency Band:   5.93 GHz
Total Number of Antennas:   1
Number of External Antennas:   1
Wireless Transmission Speed:   500 Mbit/s
MIMO Technology:   Yes


Ethernet Technology:   Ethernet
Ethernet Technology:   Fast Ethernet
PoE (RJ-45) Port:   Yes
PoE PD Port:   Yes
Management Port:   Yes

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP-AC-LR

Ubiquiti UniFi UAP